Delivery and return of goods

  • You can pick up the goods yourself at our warehouse (J.Zemgulio St. 1B, Kaunas)
  • Buy in branded stores (Pramonės str.16, shopping mall URMAS, East gallery, Hall 13, 1st floor and Hall 14, 7th place)
  • When purchasing a larger quantity, for an additional fee, we can deliver the goods to your address in Lithuania.
  • After delivery of goods by courier, it is necessary to pay for the goods according to the received invoice. You make an order; we send you a bill to the email you provided. Once we receive a payment confirmation, we prepare and ship the goods. By choosing this method, the goods will be delivered to you by the courier company OMNIVA. The goods are delivered all over Lithuania, as well as in the Baltic States, according to the rates set by the courier. Prices can be found:
  • Delivery of goods based on agreement.
  • You can buy marked items in our e-shop.