Packing bags

Paper bags. The bags are made of laminated KRAFT paper, without handles. Made for bread, confectionery, herbs, tea and other small products packaging. Sturdy, crack-resistant for prolonged storage or greasy food, and is often used for instant food, sandwiches, roasted chickens, kebabs packaging. Can be with standard print, or monochrome, with film front or opaque. Bags may be enveloped or rectangular in the bottom. We have different sizes.

Pre-packaging bags. Pre-packing bags are made of high-quality HDPE or LDPE film. These bags can be widely used for pre-packaging of various items or food products. We have different sizes and thickness of bags.

Pre-packaging bags with handles.  These "T-shirt" bags are often used for shopping. Generally made of HDPE film (thinner and cheaper) or LDPE film (more robust but more expensive). Based on customers request, the bags we offer can be of different sizes, colors and thicknesses.

Bags “Zip-log”. Uncolored LDPE polyethylene bags with string closure. Robust, reusable, pressed polyethylene bags. Made for small items packaging and/or for storage and protection of spare items. Suitable for food packaging. Pack of 100 pieces. We have different sizes and thickness of bags.

Garbage bags. Garbage bags are made of low density polyethylene (LDPE), which is strong and fragile, and therefore does not crack as quickly as thinner bags. We trade in bags with handles that are very comfortable for use in home and in other places. We have different sizes and types of garbage bags, so you will surely find the most suitable for you.

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