Take away food containers

EPS or “menu” boxes . High-quality, hygiene-friendly boxes are good for heat, which is why they are usually used to take food out of the dining room. We offer boxes of various sizes and models.
EPS trays are for packaging of various foods, culinary and confectionery products. Trays are white.
EPS soup bowls. Supplied with lids, which are especially durable, prevent the spillage of liquids and retains the heat.
EPS cups. Convenient to hold. Maximum protection against heat
Paper boxes for take away. Made for transportation of food from various catering facilities. They can also be used in food stores, products will look appealing in the show-windows, and it will be convenient for the buyer to throw away the used packaging. The packaging is convenient to use, does not take up much space, is made from recycled material.



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