Films and adhesive tapes

PE ir PVC food films are used to pack and store food products to extend shelf life, preserve their natural flavor, aroma, color and nutritional qualities. The technical features of the film meet hygiene requirements they can be of different thickness and width, used both in industry and at home for daily basis. The film is transparent and high-quality, which makes your products look attractive.

Technical packaging or "stretch" film, used for the protection of stored and transported goods against damage, for forming and fastening of loads on pallets or for packing into bundles. May be black, white or clear.

Adhesive Tapes “Acrylic” and “Solvent” are designed for gluing and strengthening boxes and other packages. Adhesive tapes differ in their technical properties due to the adhesive used. Solvent adhesive based adhesive tape has extremely strong adhesive properties. It is usually used under severe conditions - when it is not enough for weaker adhesive tapes, in wet rooms or at temperatures below zero. The adhesive tape made on the basis of Acrylic adhesives has good adhesive properties at temperature above zero, and is most often used where there is no need for very good adhesion. Suitable for gluing cardboard boxes, paper bags, various packages. This adhesive tape has no sound.

Polyolefin and PVC thermo films   are widely used in packaging, storage and protection of various goods from damage. Packaging is done using a thermo tunnel. Film types: sleeve, half sleeve and ribbon. These films are most commonly used in the food industry, in carton packaging for confectionery, candy, cookies and other products.

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