PP/OPS/PET salad bowls

PP bowls are made from the highest grade polypropylene, making it ideal for freezing various products in freezers and microwave ovens. These bowls are suitable for oily, cheese-based foods. Can be used for packaging salads, dairy products, meat and meat products, vegetables and other foods.

The bowls made of OPS (Oriented Polystyrene), which is widely used in the manufacture of food packaging. This material is ideal for food packaging because it is extremely clear and easy, but at the same time a little fragile. These bowls can be can be used when the temperature of the product varies from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C, but the packaging can not be used in a microwave oven or other heating appliances. OPS bowls are commonly used for confectionery, loose, fresh and other products but not suitable for packaging oily products. The material from which the OPS products are made can be recycled and reused.

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) resistant and strong material. Our bowls are sealed and durable, suitable for contact with oily, cheese and acidic foods, and are often used for filling salads with sauces, various types of cookery, desserts, and gels. However, not suitable for heating up.

PET bowls with lids: A black or clear bowl is fitted with a transparent hood or a level cap. Available double closure (sauce, dressing or other accessories are individually packed). The package is sealed and of high quality, attractive and innovative appearance.