Glasses/shot glasses/trays

Disposable glasses. Disposable glasses are made for champagne, wine and other beverages. These glasses are perfect for a variety of occasions - weddings, dinners or other celebrations. Extra-friendly for outdoors activities. A great solution for people who do not like cleaning after different parties or just do not have a lot of glasses for a large group of guests. Transparent, durable, functional, great looking in photos.

Disposable trays. Disposable trays are used for the presentation of culinary and confectionery products.
PET trays with a durable lid will be perfect for safe transport of food.
EPS white and black trays are suitable for a variety of foods, suitable for oily, cheese, and smoked foods.
Laminated cardboard golden trays are usually used for confectionery products for example cakes or other similar products.
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