Aluminum products

Aluminum foil. The nutritional aluminum baking foil is perfect for preparing meat, fish, vegetables on the coals, in various furnaces and ovens. Widely used in various cooking facilities. Food that is made in aluminum foil longer sustains the temperature and taste.

Aluminum foil trays. Aluminum foil trays are designed for food service, perfect for holidays or nature rides. Snack foods or other foods appearing on these pallets will look attractive and festive. Available in three sizes of aluminum trays.

Aluminum foil containers. These products can not only be characterized by their appearance but also by their excellent technical features. While using these containers, food can be fried in various ovens or furnaces, heated in microwave. This way food stays warm or a longer period of time. We trade various sizes and shapes of containers. All of these containers can be closed with a laminated cardboard or plastic cover.
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